1How long is the lease on the properties?
Leasehold with 68 years remaining on the lease with an option to renew.
2What are the price /payment terms and conditions?
Prices start from Ghs 900,000.00 and depends on final details, a 30% deposit is normally required with the balance spread over up between 6-12 months. Negotiations are possible on case by case basis.
3Can I purchase with a Mortgage?
Yes ,we can introduce you to any of our accredited financial institutions or provide documents for yours.
4Viewing Of Past projects
Site inspections of ongoing projects and finished ones can be arranged through Wednesday to Sunday
5Is there a warranty on the property?
The warranty for buildings typically cover for one calendar year and we proudly make good any defects attributed to bad work manship.
6Can I make changes on the property after purchase?
There is the possibility to make changes on the property and we provide details and construction support to make it hassle free.
7Is there a facility management company?
There is the possibility to sign up with our facilities team to enjoy stress free maintenance.